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Once again the verdict is out: the fur coat is the quintessential female fashion accessory. Providing bountiful charm and elegance, a garment that is able to embellish any outfit.

Rindi exemplifies the history of Italian fur> A pioneer in this sector and the ever-changing innovator, the company is the leader in branded high-quality fur garments, handcrafted leather, and luxurious and rare furs for elegant lovers of fashion.

stole pelliccia donna

Complete your look with a fur coat

The stole is an extremely versatile and functional garment; it can be worn over a wool coat, over a jacket, or even an impressive evening gown. Its simple extravagance brings an existing look into a whole new dimension. Complete your look for different occasions or seasons.

Reconfigured and updated by Rindi in several variants, the fur coat is the one garment that should never be left out of your wardrobe.

Coat in stoat and shawl in mink

Customers will be able to view fashion collections at the prestigious brand showroom, and select the perfect stylist and consultant at the workshop to advise them on the most suitable pattern for their particular style:

  • Stole in stoat;
  • Stole in fox skin;
  • fur collars with buttons;
  • shawls in sable
  • Shoulder covers in fur mink
  • Stole for fur wedding dresses.

You can also select your desired closing mechanism, buttons and retractable hooks, as well as the appropriate satin ribbons and silk to suit a younger style. 

Contact the point of sale and request an appointment. Our staff is at your disposal to offer you advice and for you to sample the various items on offer.

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