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Fur and high-quality leather garments

Rindi is the leading Tuscan company in the high quality fur industry. For decades now Rindi has represented a brand synonymous with style, luxury and originality. The company has been a true pioneer in the field, having started importing furs from the United States since the mid-1960s. Thanks to a vast amount of experience gained in almost 50 years of business, and the consistent and dedicated maintenance of profitable international relationships, Rindi has now become a global brand, appreciated all over the world and a go-to destination in the Italian fashion scene.

pellicceria di alta qualità

Elegance and class in Italian-made fur

Rindi fur is characterized by its innovative design, enhanced by sleek and elegant, but also practical and luxurious garments. The garments offered by Rindi feature a wide range of skins and furs, including:

  • Mink and zibellino fur;
  • Fox, beaver and chinchillas;
  • Rabbit, stoat, ocelot;
  • Astrakhan and karakul fur.

This well-known store in Prato takes up 2 000 square meters of space: on the ground floor one will find workshops and sales offices, while on the first floor there is a modern showroom.

Rindi has always been synonymous with quality

In Florence, Italy and all over the world, Rindi is synonymous with excellent quality fur and leather goods. The company's fashion designers have designed exclusive fashion collections for their customers that reflect their varying styles

Contact us at 0574 817101 and make an appointment: we will be happy to show you all our wonderful creations.

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